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1.Child's Information


2.Sibling's Information


3.Admission Information

Select class

4.Parents/Guardian Information

Parent 1

Afternoon club
Meal (Snack & Lunch)
Authorised Guardian

Parent 2

Authorised Guardian

Payment Information (Invoice to be sent to )

5.Emergency Contacts

Emergency Contact 1

Emergency Contact 2

6.Academic Background

Previous School 1

Previous School 2

7. Applicant's Information

Will you allow photographs of your child taken in school to be used on HEI Schools Bangkok website, internal and external publications and/or marketing activities?

8. Documents for Application

List of documents for application
Choose file

Upload supporting document 

9. Parental/Guardian Acceptance

Parental declaration

In consideration of submitting this application, I/we being the parent(s)/guardian jointly undertake and agree:

  • That completion of this form does not guarantee an offer of a place at the school.

  • To make all due payments in accordance with the HEI Schools Bangkok’s schedule of fees.

  • HEI Schools Bangkok reserves the right to terminate the enrolment of a child when their behavior is disruptive with the intensity and regularity to their own and other children’s learning or should a child’s education needs be outside the reasonable level for differentiation of HEI Schools Bangkok’s programme.

  • That HEI Schools Bangkok reserves the right to change/increase fee schedule.  Parents are advised to allow for future adjustments in the fee structure.



I/we hereby indemnify HEI Schools Bangkok, its officers and employee against any and all claims arising from an injury to my child or damage to the property of my child whist participating in any school activities, or whilst on the school premises or while travelling to or from the school.

I/we understand and agree that in the event of an emergency, HEI Schools Bangkok will make every effort to contact parents or guardians. However, if this is not possible, the child will be taken to suitable hospital approved by the school for treatment.


Agreement of parent or guardian

We will get back to you within 2 working days. For further information, please contact us (+66) 012-3456.

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