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Every day is a HEI Day at HEI Schools Bangkok, where learning takes place everywhere and all the time for everyone.

We support all children to actively participate in every activity through a fun-filled schedule. The daily schedule is research-based and carefully thought-out to offer the best early childhood education and care for all children.


Together, teachers and children take charge of their own learning and exploration of all learning modules. They help one another design the most appropriate learning environment for the activities throughout the day. This collaboration offers flexibility to entertain independence and innovation among each child as they explore their interests as individuals and as team members.


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HEI Time takes place every morning at HEI Schools Bangkok. It is important for children to meet and greet their teacher first thing in the morning. This is the time to check-in with one another for all things necessary to achieve a successful HEI day. It is time for teachers and children to channel positive attitudes and energy among themselves and to set the tone for the rest of the day.


HEI Activities are research-based and teacher-guided lessons that have been developed and approved by the University of Helsinki. The diverse lessons and activities target all 10 learning modules in the correct mixture according to the children’s interests, age group, and readiness. The learning is guaranteed to be fun and the feeling is guaranteed to be fantastic.


HEI Schools Bangkok recognises the importance of outdoor activities to the development of every child’s physical and emotional well-being. Our students have daily access to each specific outdoor play area throughout the day. Equipment and play tools are designed using only natural materials and are strategically placed around the specific play areas to assist in physical, mental, and muscle development through play. Swimming and other age-appropriate sport activities are also available. The children have total freedom to exercise their natural urge to move and play by themselves or with others under the supervision of teachers on-site at all times.


HEI Liberty Play is a time reserved for play activities in accordance with the children’s likes and interests. HEI Schools Bangkok encourage our students to take initiative in expressing their own imagination and to actively participate in learning through play. This may occur in the form of an individual play or as a group play depending on the social requirement of the activity of choice. HEI Liberty Play allows for a subtle and natural development of socio-emotional and interpersonal skills.


HEI Cuisine offers the most nutritious and delicious menus to everyone at HEI Schools Bangkok. Our team of nutritionists have designed and prepared each dish with love and respect for the development and safety of our students and teachers. We also believe that conversation generated at the dining table is an important learning moment in a child’s day. Therefore, students and teachers get to enjoy eating snacks and meals together on a daily basis. In addition, HEI Cuisine insists that students and teachers eat at regular dining tables and chairs and use normal dishes and utensils without help from a special child’s seat or child-size equipment. Children learn to interact with other children and adults in a normal setting that they experience in the real world. Healthy eating habits and local food culture are encouraged throughout the process as we always introduce new menus to exercise their tastebuds. Children with food allergies and special dietary needs are well-taken care of upon receiving official medical records and a recommendation from a nutritionist. The meals can either specially provided or prepared from home.


Parting is never a sorrow at HEI Schools Bangkok. HEI HEI time offers a cool-down period for all students and teachers before being picked up by their parents. Students will get to share moments and their experiences from during the day with their teachers. HEI HEI strengthens bonds between students and their teachers and is also a time for teachers to prepare the students for what is planned for them on the following day and improve their excitement for learning and schooling. HEI HEI also gives parents the opportunity to briefly meet and recap their child’s day with the teacher.




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… develop social and interaction skills

… learn how to enjoy himself/herself and others

… learn the concept of sharing, time and place,        and other positive social behavioral skills

… develop problem solving skills

… learn from the past, play to present, and        plan for the future

… build self-confidence

… learn to regulate emotions

… develop verbal and nonverbal communication             skills



Environment plays a crucial role in a child’s learning experience. Research proves that the physical space can transform the brain by affecting behavior, thoughts, emotions and wellbeing.

At HEI Schools Bangkok, we have designed and constructed the school with beautiful, harmonious, and functional spaces, inspired by nature and Nordic design. The school has a touch of locally sourced and made-in-Thailand materials to maintain the look and feel of the home country.


From architecture, to interior, to the selection of learning materials, every detail has been designed to serve a pedagogical purpose without compromising aesthetics and functionality. The spaces offer both silent safe havens, yet are inspirational and interactive, inviting children to move around freely and participate in spontaneous activities.


"Environment plays a crucial role in a child’s learning experience. "

“ Every detail has been designed 
to serve a pedagogical purpose.” 

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A time to practice a healthy way of living through nutrition, independency, and interaction with others. Children are encouraged to help themselves with a meal with as little assistance from adults as possible.


This is the time for them to enjoy not only a good, nutritious, and healthy meal, but a fun and relaxing conversation and interaction among children and adults alike.


Good table manners are practiced. International and local menus are served. 

Bon Appetit!




… Well selected ingredients

… Locally-sourced

… Rotating international and local menus

... Promote healthy eating and living

… Limit unhealthy snacks, sweets, and drinks

… Develop language skills

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